Breast massage - Mizuki and Haruka
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Genesis Interview
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Celebration Banks


Hey, Peter, would you please tell these people who’s the boss here?

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Behind the Scenes: Genesis - Sum of the Parts


Nice little Showtime promo for the documentary, and quite funny as well.

Genesis Selfie 
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Tony (thinking to himself)-Seriously? You would write slash about me and him?Are you out of your fucking minds? I mean, look at him! He is a troll! I like them plump and pretty like Peter! 
Phil-(thinking to himself)-Ahh, those horny women who write all that slash might have done worse. Thing of it is, it is ALL true. I have been rogered and had by the best and he is standing next to me. Only he pretends that it never happened. Just look at the cocky mug he has! If people only knew the real Tony Banks…muamhahaha! 

You will never know how perversely entertaining your blog is to me. No one will ever know. *laughs forever*
I have written Tony/Phil… Phil was actually the one doing the rogering… XDD and in the other one it was Tony being the dom… I’m seriously entertained by this because why I don’t even know
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